23 April 2008


I am being eaten alive by the swirling pit of life that tends to take everything you like and toss it away while shoving the things you never want to face - well, there... in your face. There is no more crazy move going at my office, but NEL has ramped up like crazy and I have a lot more work to do because of it. It ends in 3 weeks, and I am happy about that. What I am not happy about is having here and there little minor earthquakes in my life that send me reeling because I just wasn't that stable to begin with.

And now the internet is having issues at work. so on this lovely holiday that celebrates me and all those who do what I do, I am fighting tech support with at least one father (possibly two) hospitalized and a schedule so full that church has fallen to the wayside...

I am making a promise now that next week will be different... somehow.