04 June 2006


what the heck!?!! Ive had the caziesst dreams this week. I dont know what the deal is. I wish I could say that I felt it was good thing, but I think it means I am heading to a scary place...

Oh well, Hope you all are well. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon and partying and not worrying... To not worry would be a fun and interesting new feeling.

I wish I could do some theatre... But I dont wanna be anymore tired... what freakin retard.

30 May 2006

so yeah...

Im a christian, Im sure most of you know that... but whats with people these days being christian and retarded... ok maybe not these days and maybe its not just christians, but dont make it MORE difficult for me to explain myself by being hateful and malicious based on your loving and gracious "faith"

That probably annoyed someone I love, but I still love them and if they love me they understand it...

Dont have babies with people you barely know and who sincerely are disturbed.

Ive got a secret. Im not gonna post it on the internet.

27 May 2006

what the!?!

I just cant believe that I spent the last three hours at a high school graduation party. Thats more time than I spent at MY OWN party and I am really really freaked out by people. They really do ask the same questions OVER AND OVER again and I just cant figure it out... Was it really so long ago that they graduated that they cant remember answering that crap!?!!!

Anyway, I saw X-men, the perfect ending to my crappy friday... Just go see it and dont ask because I really dont wanna talk about it except to say that it is NO WAY to start off the summer blockbuster season...

I am spending the weekend in atlanta with me ma and leavig david at home to make more money so I can spend spend spend!!

Hope to see everyone at Nama on Thursday to celebrate David's birthday!!! Its been hard to convince him that just because he is turning 27 it doesnt mean he's going to die, I guess he thinks he is some kinda musical/artistic genius...

22 May 2006

it really is

not having cable has been the best thing ever, but I just cant stop watching crap! I dont know if Im just prone to the "zone" that sucks you into a part of consciousness that prevents the realization that deal or no deal rots your brain or what...

I missed this outlet, so I hope you guys will update your links so that if and when I update this blog, it will be worth it.

I dont ever wanna win the lottery... I dont wanna feel completely alone.