17 May 2007

Email from my mom...

"Just wanted to let you know I took my hand to the doctor yesterday. He examined me and said that the tendon WASN'T ruptured - just the sheath (the little membrane) surrounding it. He put me in a splint and I am going to do some physical therapy to strengthen it. (I hurt it on Monday)

Now, here's the exciting news - This doctor is the guy who takes care of the Falcons players - my regular Ortho doctor got me in to see him because this doctor specializes in hand injuries and reconstruction. His name is Dr. Wilkes. Anyway, Dr. Wilkes was fascinated by the state my hands are in. I guess he saw them as a good challenge and he started to ask me a lot of questions about how limited the use of my hands had become. In the end he told me that he can reconstruct my hands and make them more efficient and functional!!!!! There have been amazing advances in finger joint replacement since the last time a doctor worked on my hands and apparently there is a new plastic knuckle joint that works miraculously! He says I am a good condidate because there is still a lot of good muscle around my joints and that he can give me straighter, more natural looking hands that work more like they used to. Now, they won't look like they did 25 years ago, but it should restore my ability to do some of the things I have had to give up due to the limitations."

There was more about how difficult the decision is, etc. but the meat of this post is that my mom has had another miracle, or as she says, "God took this chicken shit and made chicken salad!!"

Thanks for all your prayers!

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