21 February 2008

keep on keeping on

I haven't posted in forever because I have little to say. I talk to people when we both aren't too busy and then I remember how much it sucks to not talk to them more, but it only last a day or two.

I used to be one to keep in touch. I guess I'm not anymore. It takes more energy than I have to spare after dividing out the weeks between the job, the cooking, cleaning, relationship building, networking, unwinding, zoo volunteering, big sistering, aunting, daughtering, grand daugthering... and none of it is particularly interesting.

I play a lot of trivia now... how did that happen?
and I miss the good times on Oak Street with a lot of nothing going on but theatre and food. I dont miss the drama that seems to still circulate round and round like a funnel cloud constantly over that little block.

I just learned I once drove while drinking...


michael persad said...

there was food on oak street?

Plaid Avenger said...

Fuck! You're posting! I just found out, like right now!