03 April 2007


I log in to blog and they tell me there will be an outage in four minutes....


Ok guys, Im just not. But this blog is so much better than the myspace ones. GAH I cant stand stupid Myspace and my addiction to it.

Also, I want a lunch break. Unless I leave the office, it doesn't matter how much food I have spread out in front of me, or even if I have a big freaking bite of food IN MY MOUTH, these people look right past it.

I love my job, but this is ridiculous.

Anyway, my mommy is coming to celebrate her 50th on Thursday. We are going to the hockey game and I am SUPER excited. And Im off on Friday. And next week Im going on vacation! WOOT!

I miss all you chatty folks and some of them in Knoxville....

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Plaid Avenger said...

Ok, so you finally updated after a year and it was almost a month ago? Seriously, do this more. Jubilee Kicks Ass.