26 April 2007

too many blogs

I cant make interesting facebook notes, mayspace and blogger blogs and be intersting to talk to in person or on the phone. I have a life and I enjoy interacting with people. Making time and conversation through the format is really difficult for me. I have a little bit of bitterness because people expect me to keep up with their blogs etc. when I only really know one person who ever has anything interesting to say (You're welcome R. Brian Fain of Knoxville!)

Please keep understanding that I will post here occasionally, but its just so darn hard to come up with things to say. I am getting all geared up about going back to school and I miss McKay and my peeps, but thats about it.

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Plaid Avenger said...

Thanks! So far, it's a wild birthday, but I'll tell you 'bout that later! Hope to see you again before David turns 100.
(I have to say things like that to make myself feel better about being really, old. Guess we all are now, eh?)