01 May 2007


So I just cant get over what a freakin hot day it is. And to top it off I dont feel well, so walking outside makes my head feel like its about the size of a grape with a watermelon inside. Sorry...

My sister spent the weekend or I guess just Sunday and Monday, but it was interesting. Having a five year old around makes me really appreciate the fact that I dont have kids. I was so tired after having her at work with me all day yesterday that I went to bed at 9:15, which was good because I got up at 6:15 to take her home. She was so well behaved though, it made me thankful for my aunt who got her out of the horrible situation she was in with her parents.

I was really bothered by one thing though: she went with us when we rescued our dog, so she saw how neglected he was, and yet all day she was following him around hugging him and asking "Do you miss your old family P'Nut?" Its like, even though she knows she was rescued, she still misses her mom and dad, so the dog must too. I can tell you the dog does not miss those people, he was rarely fed and got NO attention from them. Just like my sister, he needed people who made him a priority. She had a visit with my Dad on Sunday and he "helped her" with her homework. I have been angry at him before, but this is just not acceptable, I cant even get angry it is so pathetic. He didn't even make her read the directions, much less follow them. Its Kindergarten... he is nearly 50 years old... its just pathetic.

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